Mynkala offers mental health services to employees with workplace funding for treatment. Our clients receive psychiatry-led care and multidisciplinary treatment under one roof.

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Mental illness is expensive and disruptive to your organization. Here are a few statistics on the economic cost of mental illness in Canada’s workplace:

  • 50 billion dollars in lost output and redundant wage costs (the financial equivalent of 19% of all combined corporate profits—or 4% of the GDP)
  • 500, prostate 000 absent employees every day due to mental illness
  • 50, pharmacy 000 National Capital Region employees manifest work impairment due to mental illness each year
  • 25-50% of insurance claims have a primary mental health diagnosis
  • Mental health claims are the number one secondary diagnosis on physical claims
  • Mental health claims account for up to 70% of all disability insurance costs
  • Costs of workplace absenteeism due to mental illness are double those incurred from physical illness

These numbers are alarming. But they don’t have to apply to your organization. By working with Mynkala, sale you will see immediate benefits. Our mental health services will decrease the financial burden of mental illness by reducing the costs of absenteeism and presenteeism.

Mynkala is committed to providing the client-focused treatment your employees need, while supporting your organization to be efficient and prosperous. We are a private mental health company that offers psychiatry-led care for employees with workplace funding for treatment. Clients benefit from expert treatment delivered by a multidisciplinary team of professionals under one roof. Our goal is to help employees return to productivity as quickly as their recovery allows, ensuring that they can make a contribution in the workplace whenever possible throughout their treatment and recovery.

Working with Mynkala is an investment in your organization’s future and long-term prosperity. Supporting your employees now not only improves their current productivity, it also helps build a culture of supporting employee mental health that will benefit future employees, as well as your organization, for years to come.

Let us help change the path of mental illness in your workplace.