Mynkala offers mental health services to employees with workplace funding for treatment. Our clients receive psychiatry-led care and multidisciplinary treatment under one roof.

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Please contact us today to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering your questions and getting to know you. Email us at, sick drugstore or drop us a line at 613-230-1916.
Mental illness is one of the most common group of diseases in Canada and the fastest-growing disability in the workplace. It stops employees in their tracks, viagra sale standing in the way of productivity for themselves and the organizations they work for.

The truth is that many employees don’t seek the help they need. They may be unaware of their options. Or, help worse, they may be afraid to ask for help because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

Even among employees who seek treatment, many leave work and fail to return because they don’t receive the help they deserve. Canada’s healthcare system lacks the necessary resources to provide comprehensive community-based diagnosis and integrated treatment.

Unique treatment for your needs
At Mynkala, we believe that people have a right to well-being and recovery. We are a private mental health company committed to helping employees with mental illness who have workplace funding for treatment. Our focus is on empowering employees to return to productivity as early as possible. Mynkala’s unique programs provide employees with psychiatry-led care that begins with an evaluation and is followed by support from our team of experts who understand the workplace context.

We offer a stepped care approach that integrates all modes of intervention, including psychiatry, psychology and occupational therapy. Each employee who comes to us is treated with a customized intervention that meets their needs and responds to their progress. Our prompt, attentive service draws on the resources needed—and only those needed—to help employees recover as early as possible.

Fostering a return to productivity
We understand the importance of empowering employees to return to productivity—contributing in their personal and work lives through meaningful activities that match their current capabilities. While recovering, employees may not be able to fully perform the same tasks as before the onset of their mental illness, but they still need and deserve the opportunity to stay involved. Making a contribution and feeling valued are essential to overall well-being, and necessary for recovery. Employees require holistic care that addresses their needs as complete people. Mynkala supports a path to mental health that lets employees stay connected to all areas of their lives while receiving the help they need.

Our approach to treatment is designed to help employees and organizations. We know that a return to productivity is in the best interests of everyone involved. Our aim is to help you reach that goal at home and at work.